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Multiple-Choice Questions In Computer Science

Multiple-Choice Questions In Computer Science By Timothy Williams
This book is designed for Computer Science students taking their GATE, GRE and other competitive examinations e.g. exams for PSUs. It would also serve the students who want to take placement examinations for Software firms.This book includes multiple-choice questions from the courses offered in the undergraduate curriculum in Computer Science. The questions are grouped subject-wise so as to cater to the needs of students with different backgrounds. Includes 1664 MCQs in C, UNIX, OS, Compiler Design, DBMS, C++, Computer Networks, System Software, Software Engineering, Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science, Data Structures and Computer Graphics.Salient Features:Provides answers to all questions;Explainsin brief the answers to all tricky questions; Includes questions from previous years papers of GREs` subject test in computer science.
Key Features:

Excellent coverage of essential topics like Programming with C and Computer Organization. Inclusion of a new chapter on JAVA. Over 2000 Multiple Choice Questions to fully arm the student for the GATE and other exams. Solutions to all the questions with around 650 answers explained further. Question Paper of GATE 2007 with solution is included at the end of the book.

Table of Content:

Chapter 1. Programming with C
Chapter 2. Unix
Chapter 3. Principles of Programming Languages
Chapter 4. Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science
Chapter 5. Operating Systems
Chapter 6. Automata Theory
Chapter 7. Principles of Compiler Design
Chapter 8. Computer Organization
Chapter 9. Data Structures
Chapter 10. Computer Graphics
Chapter 11. System Software
Chapter 12. Database Management Systems
Chapter 13. Object Oriented Programming Using C++
Chapter 14. Computer Networkds
Chapter 15. Software Engineering
Chapter 16. SQL*PLUS, SQL, PL/SQL, Forms and Reports
Chapter 17. Programming with Java
Appendix: GATE-2007 CS: Computer Science and Engineering and Solutions

NAMEMultiple-Choice Questions In Computer Science
AUTHORTimothy Williams
PUBLISHERSTata Mcgraw Hill

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